Wildwood Preschool


                                 7426 SW 53rd Avenue

                          Portland OR 97219  

                                 503-246-1034 (office)

                                          503-407-7298 (cell)                                



Fall 2016

Registration is in full swing and we are almost full!  If you would like to schedule a tour, please call Kimmy at 503-407-7298.


We love....

daily art projects- tactile tables with rice, popcorn, water, sand, etc.-  singing-  writing stations- science projects-  art easel-  creation station-  puzzles- felt board-  our play structure, sandbox and trikes, playing with sticks, boxes and pinecones- monthly journals-homemade play-doh-  individual and group stories - turning books into plays-  numbers and letters - gardening- exploring nature- baking projects- laughing, building amazing structures with blocks-  dramatic play and dance- musical instruments- learning about kindness and friendship!!

    We invite your child to join us!!